Circus Night

So a few months ago I asked my sister if she’d consider ever painting a work for our new home. My sister’s name is Johanna Wright, and she’s a very talented painter. Very soon, her first children’s book will be published, entitled “The Secret Circus”. She was always the most artistic one of the family, and moved out to NYC to sell her artwork for 7 or 8 years. She did very well, and decided that she had built up enough of a customer base to move back to Oregon, where she’s settled with long-time-boyfriend-recently-turned-husband up in Portland. Her decision to move, along with my other second sister Kirsten’s recent move back to Portland with her husband, son and daughter, all contributed greatly to my decision to come to Oregon.

For Christmas, my family draws names and only gives one gift to one other family member. Families of 10 (2 parents, 4 siblings and 4 spouses along with 2 grandchildren now) can be very complicated to shop for during the holidays so we just decided to simplify. I had my brother-in-law’s name. My mother had mine. Namju had my mother’s, and my second sister Kirsten had Namju’s. But this year we received an extra special gift.


I had asked Johanna to paint me a musical painting, and she certainly did. I love our new 20” x 20” addition to our living room, and I’m very grateful for such a loving and wonderful sister.

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